Home Health Care is one of the biggest necessities in today’s fast paced world. Hospitals are becoming more expensive for a long term scenario and the best alternative is having a provider who can give you the same professional service from the confines of your home.
So how do you recognize whether the provider really is as good as they are advertising themselves to be? Here are a few things that could help you in choosing the best.
  1. Find out the duration for which the provider has been offering their services.  ‘
  2. Ask for literature explaining their services, eligibility requirements and charges. Many providers disclose a detailed “Patient Bill of Rights” that outlines the rights and responsibilities of all the stakeholders – providers, patients, and caregivers.
  3. Check on how well trained the staff is. Ask for their professional details which certify them to take care of the patient.
  4. The provider should ideally include the patient and his or her family members while developing the care plan. If there are changes, they should involve everyone again.
  5. The provider should document the course of the treatment with detailed information on specific tasks that are carried out by each professional caregiver. Do ask for a plan made for some other patient, so that you are sure of what to expect.
  6. You must try to find out the follow up mechanism. In case of any irritant later, you should be able to reach out to the provider for relief.
  7. Ensure that the financial procedures of the provider are above board. The provider should ideally make available written statements explaining all costs and payment plan options.
  8. Your service provider should be in a position to handle any kind of medical emergency. You need to find out whether the caregiver is available at any time for emergency situations.
  9. You can ask the home care provider to furnish you with a list of references, such as doctors, patients or their family members, to ascertain their quality of service. Call as many of them as you can to cross check the veracity of their statements.
These are reference points when you start seeking out a good service provider. However you are the best judge in a situation and you need to be sure that you are comfortable with the provider and what they have to offer. Yours will obviously be the final decision!