Technology has intruded into our lives in such a way that there is no way one can do without it! While Home Health Care began in the west ages ago, India has woken up to it only over the past few years. The west is now miles ahead with some great technology that not only helps the caregiver in providing the best services, but the caretaker also feels a lot safer using them. Here are a few innovations that are taking the Home Health Care scene by storm.

1. Sensors:  Placing sensors around the home whether on doors or windows or on appliances and on the patient themselves can alert caregivers in case of any discrepancy. If the patient misses a meal, or falls, or is unable to do something, the sensor sends out the alerts to the caregiver. This is a boon for all involved since monitoring becomes a very easy task.

2. GPS: In places like the west where not many family members are able to spend time with the elderly or the patient, it becomes imperative to know the movements of the patient outside their homes. Especially for older citizens with Alzheimer’s or others with any head injuries, who are prone to being absent minded. This can be a very useful tool.
3. Mobile Apps: Simple phones that are easy for everyone to use has become a norm these days. Service providers today come out with innovative apps that enable the patient to connect with the provider on an immediate basis at the click or two of a button. Alerts can be sent to many stakeholders at once –ambulance, police and the provider himself.
4.Remote monitoring tools: For patients who need constant monitoring, a host of devices that connect to their smart phones can reduce costly, lengthy doctor visits that might discomfort them more. Devices like the fitness bands that track sleep, diet, and steps taken or the monitors for glucose, blood pressure, heart rate, and other vital measurements are all great tools for self monitoring.
5. Senior Social Media Sites: There are sites for senior citizens that can help them connect with more people their age and who have the same experiences. The service providers help these seniors connect and start them on a social journey from the confines of their homes.
There are more and more Home health care providers entering the market. The need of the hour for them to stay afloat is to come up with innovative ideas that not only help them connect with the patients and their families, but also helps them establish a good name in the market.