Retired life is perceived to be one where the individual stays dependent on one’s children or on someone, at least in the Indian scenario. Once a person retired, it became their job to take care of their grandchildren and the needs of the houses since they were anyways at home. But that has changed. With both sons and daughters and their respective spouses all working, seniors might not be in a position to take up so much of responsibility. Today’s older generation is learning to accept the fact that their independence is what will stand them in good stead.


Actually it is not such a difficult job to stay independent. With technology becoming more and more advanced, it is becoming easier for people to stay connected while being independent at the same time. Check out a few ways which will help you stay independent in your golden years.

1. Live in a retirement community : 
It would be easier to stay in a place where there are people who are of one’s own age. It is easier to bond with them. While there are naysayers who say that staying with younger people makes one feel young, staying with people one’s age makes one able to understand each other better and have a meaningful conversation. A retirement community gives one the luxury of staying with peers and indulging in activities that suit one’s sensibilities.
2. Send your children to fend for themselves : 
Your job as a parent is to educate your child well in order to make them independent individuals who can take care of their needs. Once this is done, let them go. Don’t try to hold on; else they will want to run away. However be there for them when they need you. After all what better present than a parents’ hug and what better comfort than the arms of one’s father and mother.

3. Insure yourself well :  
As one grows older, health related issues keep catching up with you. So make sure tht you have covered yourself sufficiently for your old age so that you do not have to go depending on someone to cover your needs. Also insure your spouse, since they will also be in a similar position after a point in time.
4.  Exercise everyday : 
When you want to live independently, the most important thing to take care of is your health. Ensure that you do about an hour of exercise every morning to strengthen yourself. These need not be strenuous ones. Simple activities that can keep your body rhythm in perfect order is all that is needed.

5. Refrain from emotional decisions : 
As seniors there is a lot of emotional upheaval that one goes through. Never make any emotional decisions that you will repent later. Whether it is your will or your property, make sure you and your spouse have it till the end of your life, after which of course it gets passed on. This will ensure that you live independently for the entire period of your life.
Life is all about happiness. Just do what makes you happy. And make sure that you prepare in advance for your golden years. Once ready, all you need to do then is enjoy the fruits of all the hard work you have put in!