Mr. Raman Raghavan* (name changed) worked for a BPO in Chennai. Just 28 years of age, he was a Team Lead. That was till about 8 months ago, when he felt a shooting pain in his neck region. He ignored it, but the pain persisted. It led to headaches and frequent health problems at both office and home. He had already used up his Paid Sick leave and every absence was costing him his salary. And this problem seemed to be becoming a chronic one. So what would Raman do?.
Patients with persistent health disorders who have to work without paid sick leave often face economic problems when they need to meet their doctor especially during their working hours. In such a situation, in-home healthcare is often a more suitable and convenient option that can also be a cost-saving alternative to regular doctor visits at selected clinics or hospitals. Patients, many times prefer the home health care service providers for multiple reasons, which include:
Convenience– It has been observed that one of the primary reasons for patients to opt for Home Healthcare services for their healthcare needs is the sense of relief that one gets while getting treated in the convenience of their own home.  The benefit that the patients can take advantage of when a doctor visits home are many. For one, they save time and energy. Secondly, the exposure to to germs and diseases that can be found in the waiting room is also brought down. Sometimes a health issue might need urgent attention, and in a country like ours where traffic snarls make it difficult to reach on time, it becomes a difficult task.  It is in situations like this that the Homehealthcare expertise comes in very handy. The patient gets treated without much of a hassle, and that too within the comforting confines of their home.
Caring touch – A person like Raman whose morale became very low after the multiple bouts of illnesses refused to go to hospitals. He did not want people looking at him with pity. The doctors and nurses were taking care but they had other patients to attend to too. So he decided on the home healthcare option whenever he needed care. It worked out cheaper for him and at the same time, there was a personal touch which made him feel more comfortable with the nurses and doctors who came to examine him. A bond was created and at the same time the thoroughness with which the examination was done, was truly something he appreciated.
Demanding Lifestyles – These days people hardly have time for anything since their professional life takes away most of their time. It therefore has become more difficult for them to schedule their appointments with doctors during regular hours. In such a scenario,  patients can actually benefit from the fact that home health care professionals will be able to meet them at a place that suits their convenience – their office, home or any other place that can be decided upon,  to effectively identify and treat any health problems at a place where they feel more at ease. Thus, even the busiest patients can get the professional medical care they need, wherever they are, while continuing to follow their busy schedules.
Today, Homehealth care is not only becoming an increasingly sought after healthcare service, it has also become the need of the hour with stress and lifestyle related diseases are ravaging society. Mr. Raman is now feeling much better. He calls the Home Health care specialist once a month for his regular medication related help. He is happy now. He saves a lot more when he uses the specialized services. “I am willing to talk to anyone about this convenience”, he gushes, as he rushes to office.