Cancer is a disease which is threatening people around the world in all age groups for a long time. It attacks any organ and is deadly both physically and psychologically as it is associated with incredible amounts of pain.


 Breast cancer is a very common and often neglected issue amongst the women around the world. Its important to know that breast cancer can be detected in its earlier stages by the patient herself through self-examination. This will help to get diagnosed, treated and cured faster and in a better way. The patient needs to keep a tab on herself for understanding when there is a small lump formation in the breast area which is abnormal; it needs to be examined by the doctor on the first place. If this regime is followed on a regular basis one can easily get cured from breast cancer in the earlier stages.


Self examination can be done with hands as well as in front of a mirror to have a better examination. This needs to be done from the age of 35 onwards as the women reach the menopause stage by as early as 40 to 45 which means the body is getting ready for this phase from the age of 35 onwards. The menopause stage is a critical stage in a woman’s life where she faces a lot of issues from the hormonal changes. Cancer is a result of such hormonal changes in a woman’s body. Thus self examination is very beneficial for early detection of breast cancer and its cure.

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