Hygiene in means maintaining cleanliness to maintain good health and prevent diseases.

The relationship between health an hygiene is quite obvious and well understood. In fact in Greek mythology Hygeia is the daughter of the God of Medicine Asclepius.

Hygiene at home is an essential part of living a healthy life in a pollution filled world around us. As the saying goes Prevention is better than Cure, hygiene needs to be the first priority at any place especially at home. The hygiene regime followed at home of washing hands before food and washing hands after using the wash room will  aid the prevention of hand and food borne disease like diarrhoea. The hygiene taken in to consideration at home will reduce visits to the doctor or hospitals as the health will be maintained on a good note. Health is wealth is not only a proverb but it is the reality of life, when the body is healthy a person can work hard and generate good wealth for his family. This possible through proper hygiene regime followed at home. Health is also wealth from the simple fact that good preventive care helps in avoid expensive and potentially life threatening episodes of hospitalizations.

Maintaining hygiene at home is necessary but at a hospital it is absolutely critical as there are varied kinds of patients coming in and going out on a regular basis. In order to keep the infections of different levels from spreading from one patient to another it is important to keep the hospital environment highly sterile and hygienic. The patients are accompanied by their attendants who are healthy but might fall sick if the hospital does not keep its environment clean and hygienic. Thus the hygiene at home is essential for the inhabitants but at hospital it is critical for the society at large.

Especially for senior citizens who have weakened immune systems it is necessary to ensure that barrier nursing and barrier hygiene practices are being followed.

A few mandatory things especially when you have recovering patients at home are:

  • Mandatory hand disinfection before and after any contact
  • Ensuring adequate ventilation to let any microbes/ germs keep moving
  • Sanitation facilities to be cleaned ir-regardless of usage
  • Clothing to washed and disinfected
  • Avoiding open vessels to store food or fluid
  • Ensuring limitation of visitors
  • Ensuring that all visitors wash hand and disinfect them

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