“On the one occasion when my mother fell ill, the whole dynamics of the house had changed. My sister and I had no direction, we went about our activities without enthusiasm, we ate out, and we didn’t have much to say to one another. The whole house seemed dull and messy. Much later, I realized that she is the glue that keeps us together…” explained one of our clients who had brought her mother to One Life for a general check-up.

The role of a mother is so much more than just taking care of her children. In most traditional Indian households, the mother, single-handedly, takes on multiple responsibilities. Holding a job does not rid her of the household duties like cooking, cleaning, caring for children, general supervision of the house etc. She creates this whole functional system to run the house smoothly.

A healthy child means a healthy mother and in extension a healthy family. A mother is the first caregiver for her children. From feeding them to teaching them, a mother is a one-point solution to all their problems and needs. Children look towards their mothers for emotional support and stability. A mother’s well-being, both mental and physical, plays an important role in the upbringing of her children.

A mother worries about the health of the family, keeps her children out of trouble, takes care of the sickly members of the family, and considers the needs of family before her own. The definition of a mother’s role can only be an inclusive one. The selfless service of a mother is nothing like anything else.

Mothers often neglect their health in the interest of her children and family. It is our turn to show a little gratitude to them. Taking them for regular health check-up is advisable for early detection of certain diseases that they are prone to. Diseases such as breast and cervical cancer may be cured if diagnosed early. Due to bone loss after menopause, they become vulnerable to bone diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

Apart from taking care of physical ailments, it is important to be emotionally available to them. As they advance in age, they may want to still feel needed and indispensible like they were to us during our formative years. Asking them for small favors, advice and telling them about your life may help them feel connected. Their maternal instincts never fade.

At One Life, we provide the services of professionally trained and experienced nurses who take good care of your loved ones. Our nurses are available on a full-time basis to enable them to get through their daily activities with dignity.

 For more details, step into One Life to consult our dedicated team of doctors and nurses who provide quality home healthcare services at your doorstep so that your mother can get the care that she deserves in the form of Home Nursing, Doctor Visits and pain relief at home.