Home is the best place for recovering from any injury or disease. Nothing can beat the comfort of your home with all the familiar sights and sounds and your family around you. There are many instances of patients recovering faster at home with the proper care. Let’s look at how cancer patients can benefit from home care.

Cancer is a deadly disease and it is a painful disease to battle. Emotional strength and support is essential from its diagnosis right through its treatment. Studies have shown that home care with the help of professional and experienced medical staff can help cancer patients recover from surgeries and other painful procedures much faster than hospital care.

There 2 major categories of care for cancer patients:

  •           Therapeutic Care
  •           Palliative care

Involving the family in cancer treatment is important as cancer treatments are usually long-term. Hospital stays may make the patients feel lonely and isolated when what they need is psychological support. With home health care, family is around and the constant interaction and support can go a long way in improving the mental health of the patient.

Cancer patients go through bouts of anxiety and depression triggered mostly by their disease itself or by their medications or the uncertainties the future may bring. They might find it difficult to perform simple day-to-day tasks. Home health care service providers can be by their side and support them physically and emotionally through the day. This will help them get used coping with their disease and getting through their daily routine.

Patients with cancer have to make frequent visits to the hospital for procedures or tests before and even after surgery. During such time, professional care givers can help them in the commute between their home and hospital. They may also educate the family members about the disease and on how to give proper care in order to help the patient cope with his situation.

Certain procedures that cancer patients have to go through can be performed at home by professionals. Such procedures include blood transfusion, chemotherapy, anti-biotic treatment etc. This will reduce the number of visits to the hospital.

With professional health care at home for cancer patients the risk of emergencies arising due to improper care will be reduced thus enhancing the quality of life of the patient. The patient and his family are saved from the emotional trauma of an emergency. Hospitalization costs are also saved.

For patients who are terminally ill, professional home health care can help them be free from pain. The professional care givers may instruct and help the family care of such patients. The patients can draw strength from being at home with family and being well taken care of.

They can focus on spending quality time with family and family members can be comfortable knowing that all possible comfort is being provided while a professional team is taking care of the activities of daily living , medication administration, feeding, physiotherapy amongst others though professional home nursing, skilled nursing at home, physiotherapy at home and palliative care at home.

Home health care for cancer patients is possible and also advantageous. Contact One Life’s team dedicated to chronic diseases to talk about the kind of home healthcare that can be provided to fit your needs. Make your loved ones feel safe, secure and happy at home. Let us help you improve their quality of life.