Barrier nursing is a technical term which has been followed since the inception of Nursing Care. If one or two siblings is unwell with the common cold, it is normal for the parents to keep the two siblings apart.

On the one hand the parents are trying to protect the healthier sibling from catching the infection and on the other; they are protecting the infected sibling from other diseases he/she may catch due to weakened immunity.

So, what is barrier nursing?

The main aim ofBarrier nursing is to help in administering care to a patient with a contagious disease, while also preventing the spread of the disease to the medical staff in charge of the patient and also the family members and friends who meet or live in the same premises. It is also done to protect the patient, with a weak immunity, from being exposed to other diseases.

How is it achieved at home?

Isolating the patient is one of the oldest and effective ways of protecting the interests of both the patient and care giver.

There are many isolation methods that suit the needs of the diseased patients. For example – chicken pox, viral fever which spread by air or physical contacts, where strict isolation is required. Visitors or care givers are advised to wash their hands before entering and leaving the patient’s room and even wearing separate gowns and masks.

All clinical patient wastes have to be sealed carefully before disposal. Patient’s clothing, bedspread and sheets have to be washed separately.

It is advisable to have disposable cutlery for patients who are having contagious diseases.

Medical staff or the care giver has to exercise preventive barrier precaution and should also dispose it in a responsible medical way while handling the patient’s body wastes.

Barrier nursing at home is easily achieved in house when compared to that of hospital. Professional medical staff is trained in these aspects. The other members of the family should be aware of such effective precautions in order to successfully achieve the barrier nursing care.

Strict adherence to barrier nursing can lead to a strong and speedy patient recovery. The medical staff at One Life are well trained and experienced in professional and protocol driven practices of Home Nursing care. One Life Nurses are subjected to rigorous, regular clinical and nursing assessments. They are clinically updated and efficient in all aspects of nursing and allied care giving. Get in touch with us on 1800 425 19999 for more information or visit our website here-