Home health care is slowly gaining prominence in the India today. With the advent of so many home health care service organizations providing quality services, this is a viable option. In fact, in many cases, home health care services have proven to be better than its alternative i.e. hospitalization.

We all know that a hospital is a place of special care and healing but only very few know that our homes can do a better job of caring and healing. Let’s look at some advantages home care has over hospitalization.

Sterile environment

The risk of contracting contagious diseases is significantly reduced in a home environment. While many of us believe that a hospital is a clean and sterile environment, a patient with his weakened immunity has a good chance of contracting infections from the other patients. It is not uncommon to contract diseases such as urinary tract infections and pneumonia due to the presence of viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens. Such hospital acquired infections may cause complications or even death in patients.


In the case of home health care, you pay for only the services that you receive and for the time that you engage your home health care service provider. It is not the case in hospitals. In hospitals, you pay for many things that do not affect you directly. Many medical procedures can be performed in the convenience of homes at lower costs.

In the case of chronic diseases like arthritis, heart diseases, mental degeneration etc. where patients need all the help that they can get for long periods of time, home care is the best option. Financially and otherwise. Hospitals may not be comfortable and may turn out to be far more expensive.


Home health care is convenient for patients as they get to recover in the familiar environment at home with their loved ones around. The relaxed and familiar environment may accelerate recovery. Staying at home will give them the chance to be as independent as possible in performing their daily routine around the house while coping with their ailments. Many seniors, post-hospitalization find it overwhelming to start living in their homes and to resume their daily activities.

With home care, patients do not have to go through the ordeal of traveling to the hospital and waiting for their turn to see the doctor. Everything is done for them at home.

It is also convenient for the family of the patient. Home care saves a lot of time and discomfort for them as they don’t have to spend nights in the uncomfortable sleeping arrangements of hospitals or rush to meet their loved ones during inconvenient visiting hours.

Post-hospitalisation Care

When a patient is discharged from the hospital after treatment or surgery, they are given a host of instructions to follow like medications to take, maybe exercises specific to their needs, diet to help them recover fast, dressing wounds, small medical procedures etc. It may be difficult for family members to take care of such patients. Home health care is the solution. Home health care providers are trained in their field and will know how to care for a patient with various ailments. They also act as a liaison between the doctors and the patients. With such professional care, the risk of subsequent hospitalizations may be reduced. Such care is not possible in hospitals.

Home health care can be customized

In home care, the patient and his family are in control of who to choose as their caregivers. Very often a personal bond is built with the caregiver by both the patient and his family. They receive the support they need from such home caregivers. It also gives the family an opportunity to be involved with caregiving of their loved ones.

It is true that the hospital industry has come a long way. They are making it increasingly comfortable for patients with their top-notch facilities. But they come at a high price. With limited budget or no medical insurance, home care may work out to be more financially viable, even with hiring professional medical help.

Home care is good for both physical and mental health for patients and their families. We at One Life ask you to give home health services a chance. We provide a host of medical and non-medical services at home. Our services are provided by a team of experienced doctors and nurses who you can trust. For more information call us on 1800 425 19999.