For an elderly, change is hard to accept. Imagine how they would deal with something as big as surgery. The undeniable bodily discomfort combined with the sense of being displaced from everything that is familiar to them can be jarring. Shifting them from the hospital to their home, as soon as possible, is the best that can be done.

In this article, we’re going to enlist the benefits of post-surgery care at home. Post-surgery care is very crucial for patients to make a full and complete recovery. Depending on the operation, post-surgery care may involve, cleaning and dressing of wounds, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, patient education, pain management, administering injections and medicines, monitoring, and other such medical procedures.

Post-surgery care can be complicated.  Doctors give the family of the patient a host of instructions and procedures to follow to help the patient make a strong recovery. It might be difficult for a layman to remember and follow these instructions to the letter. A professional home health care provider with a medical background is who you need to care for your loved one. Such professional care, after surgery, will reduce the risk of complications and will aid in faster recovery.

Post-surgery recovery includes providing emotional support too. Surgeries can be traumatic for patients- the physical discomfort and the sense of being a dependant can be depressing. Home health care providers act as companions by caring for them, listening to them and keeping them company. Home health care providers can enable the patients to be more independent by integrating them into their home environment and daily activities after surgery.

Home health care providers act as a liaison between the patient and the doctor. They usually keep a record of the progress or problems related to the patient’s recovery and will inform the doctor in the follow-up visits. The patient and his family need not worry about anything.

Home health care providers can help patients in almost every facet of their daily life. Post-surgery, some patients may not need any help with medications but may need help with cooking, cleaning, bathing or using the restroom. They need not be in a hospital just for that. Home health care agencies also provide such services. Even physical and occupational therapy, post-surgery, can be administered to patients at home.

Post-surgery care at home could be cheaper than hospital care post-surgery. The patient is in control of whom he appoints to care for him and the medical aid is paid on an hourly basis. One of the biggest advantages is that the patient’s family can monitor his progress and support him emotionally.

One of the major reasons patients needed long-term hospital care was because close monitoring was possible only at hospitals. Now, with the advent of new technology, it is now possible to monitor patients and performs medical procedures safely at home.

When you can recover in the comfort of your house, why choose hospitals. One Life is a health care provider providing a wide range of post-surgery medical and non-medical services at your doorstep. Our dedicated and experienced team of doctors and nurses has put smiles on the faces of thousands of patients. We’re here for you too. For more information call us on 1800 425 19999 or visit us at