‘A stitch in time saves nine’ is a proverb like many others that we’ve repeated to ourselves over the years and understood better with time and experience. For those who haven’t come across this proverb, it means that it is better to tackle a problem proactively than wait until things turn out for the worst. It would take more effort and time to deal with, later on.

The same can be applied with respect to our health. Regular health check-ups are important. They are crucial for catching maladies early and treating them. Preventive health check-ups give us a status update on our general health also.

A health check-up generally includes urine and blood testing, x-ray and ultrasound, and cardiac stress test. A dental and eye examination, often, forms part of a general health check-up. Cancer tests like a prostrate examination for men and gynecological examination for women are recommended.

Medical advancements and our lifestyle are not what they used to be. Our lifestyle choices, family medical history, our age, and sex leave us at a certain risk of developing health problems. Regular medical check-ups can detect early signs of oncoming diseases even before they begin to manifest through symptoms. Corrective actions can be taken immediately which may include dietary changes or simple lifestyle changes.

Often, diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, certain types of cancer, heart diseases, cholesterol etc set-in without so much as a hint or a symptom. And some of these diseases are also life-threatening. These diseases can be detected through blood tests before they become a medical problem that you have to worry about. Blood tests can also tell you how well your heart, thyroid, liver and kidneys are functioning.

Apart from diagnosing diseases, general check-ups also give you the chance to find out how your immunity and digestion system is doing. A chat with your doctor can help you find out ways to improve your digestive system and strengthen your immunity thus enhancing the quality of your life.

Let’s not overlook another major advantage of regular check-ups- the financial advantage. While many of us cringe to spend money on regular tests, it can save us from a lot of expenses in the future. Many serious ailments can be detected and managed at much lower costs, maybe even without medical procedures. It effectively minimizes the risk of potential health issues. Besides, many diagnostics have packages and discounts which work out to be quite affordable.

If you have any specific health concerns, you can ask your doctor what kind of tests you can take to confirm or dispel the health concern.

Regular health check-ups help you find problems before they start. Nipping a disease at the bud can save your life, save the emotional and physical trauma of being sick, save money and time.

People of all ages are advised to get regular health examinations. These tests should be carried out at an accredited laboratory or a hospital which has the required diagnostic equipment. The test results should be interpreted by a qualified physician.

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