The risk of falls increases with age, especially after the age of 65. Falls in the elderly occur due to various reasons like:

  • Inability to see clearly
  • Slower reflexes
  • Medication
  • Muscle weakness
  • Cluttered walkways
  • Dizziness / Nausea while walking
  • Imbalanced gait

The health threats subsequent to a fall are often overlooked, but it can lead to grave consequences for the elderly who have fallen, and his friends and family.

A fall in the elderly often entails injuries that require an emergency visit to the hospital. Most elderly people have weak and brittle bones, hence when they fall there is a high risk of fractures. Injuries often sustained due to falls are fractures of the limbs and hips and traumatic brain injury. Fall-related injuries can cause a lot of pain and discomfort and even permanent disability in the elderly. The process of healing is rather slow and painful for them.Falls are a leading cause of death in the elderly all over the world.

There are psychological consequences after a fall such as fear of falling again, decreased confidence in oneself, and due to this, the elderly may restrict their activities. They may tend to become increasingly dependent sheerly out of fear of falling again. This will affect the quality of their lives and also the lives of their friends and family.

Lastly, the financial burden of medical treatment and post-hospital care can be enormous. Hospital stay, rehabilitation, and nursing expenses can be difficult to meet, especially for retired people without any pension or retirement benefits. In many cases, the elderly are financially dependent, and fall-related injuries may increase the financial burden on the caregivers and this may lead to neglecting the health of the elderly.

All these above reasons lay emphasis on why falls should be prevented. It is far better to prevent falls than recovering from fall-related injuries and the other serious consequences that may follow.

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